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Shelby County Master Gardeners Assoc
Volunteer Hours

'Volunteer Report'

Hours are to be approved by county Master Gardener Coordinator.
* Volunteer Hours: Time that you spent planning or providing an educational or service activity for the benefit of the community, while representing the Purdue University Master Gardener Program, including the business portion of the monthly Master Gardener Association meetings.
** Educational Hours: Time that you spent furthering your own education such as seminars, Purdue training sessions, and lectures (including speakers at monthly MG meetings).
View your Volunteer Hours report.
You can download a copy of the 'Volunteer Report' submission form in either WORD or PDF format.
You can enter the info for your Volunteer Report submission here. After it is approved it will appear in your listing.
Include actual contact, travel, and preparation time.
Date Performed: / /
Hours: Numbers only, ie. 1.5
Educational Hours: Numbers only, ie. 1.5
Contacts: Numbers only